The First Four Minutes.

Show up early/on time for your appointment time.

Big SMILE and mean it.

Leave everything in your car except a folio or notepad and two pens. It is less intimidating and doesn’t look like you’re there to “sell them” something. Be calm and your prospect will be also.

Introduce yourself, Hello, I’m Jim/Betty. “And you can call me insert your name here .”

I have the unusual first name Orvel and most of the time when I introduce myself people ask me “what do you want me to call you.”  That’s why I typically say, “and you can call me Orvel.”  My name almost becomes an icebreaker itself, so I use it to my advantage.

I personally always notice something that I genuinely wanted to know about. Ex: cool car, a piece of art, office view, sports memorabilia, trophy’s, pool, etc.  I love seeing new things and I want to know the ‘back story’ to them.

And here’s how I would typically do/ask this: “I’m in hundreds and hundreds of offices or homes, as the case may be, and I’ve never seen the insert whatever the item is here / anything like that. I know you’re busy and so am I, but would you real briefly explain/tell/story behind it? People LOVE to talk about themselves AND prized possessions.

IF there’s nothing that really interests me I won’t ask that question. Be genuine, be true, and be honest.

In my experiences selling I’ve been in $25 million dollar homes, bungalows on Malibu Beach, penthouses on Rodeo Drive, ritzy exotic car showrooms in Beverly Hills, and offices on the 72nd floor of the Wilshire Grand in L.A., talk about a view, phew. OF COURSE you’re gonna be impressed and so is the business owner showing it off. And of course, I’ve been in just regular type homes and office/buildings. Use the location to your advantage to appear human and not a robotic salesperson.

Whether I “ask” about something or not, the next statement I would make is: “I sure am excited to meet you because you showed an interest in our product or service and I know that IF I have what you’re really looking for then you are going to be completely satisfied working with my company. ”

” and you might have picked up on when I said IF I have what you really want. I’m so much different than 99% of most salesmen in that I truly want to help you solve/find/solution to your wants or needs and IF I don’t have it I’ll certainly steer you in the right direction. ”

“Just so I can get an idea IF I can help you, let me ask you……………”

“What are you really looking for?

“What do you want the product or service to do for you?”

“What are you ultimately trying to accomplish? ”

“IF price was no object, and of course it is, what is the perfect product or service?”

By NOT showing up at the doorstep, office door with bags, sample cases, demo kits, scary stuff that says I’M HERE TO SELL YOU, it puts your prospects at ease, since you only have a pad and several pens, you are now non-threatening.

You don’t know FOR SURE that you’ve got what your prospect really, really, really wants or needs.

You must set yourself up as The Pro, The Doctor if you will.

When you go see your Doctor or Lawyer, they usually take 30-60 seconds to say Hi. Then comes THE BIG QUESTION: So, what are you here for today? How can I help you today? What seems to be the problem?

And guess what you do?
You tell him/them EXACTLY why/what the reason/problem is.

And that is EXACTLY how you should be selling…..ASKING what EXACTLY is your prospect looking to purchase to meet their wants, needs, or desires.

That’s how the PROS do it.
Cut to the chase.
The prospect is busy.
You’re busy.
Get to it, like a professional would.
Your prospect will be impressed, relieved, and thankful.

Ask what they are buying.
Then sell it to them.

If you can’t help or meet the prospect’s needs, help them/direct them to someone or a company that can.

But IF, after asking the right questions, you know you got exactly what they need, politely excuse yourself and go to your vehicle and get everything that will demonstrate, prove, and convince.

When you have done the above steps correctly your prospect has zero problems waiting the several minutes it takes to gather up your stuff.

Disarm your prospect. And by that, I mean let your initial 4 minutes prove that you aren’t like “other” salespeople.

Prove that you are sincere and want to assist them in their proper buying decisions.
Don’t do what most salespeople do:

Show up late.
Have a ton of ” I’m gonna sell you something” sales stuff to carry in.

Start immediately in on a long “canned presentation” where the salesman talks, prospects listens, then tries forcefully to close on what the prospect “might” actually want.

Be the Doctor.

That’s how you successfully sell more products or services.

That first 4 minutes is, in my opinion, the most critical part of the sales equation.

It sets-the-table for how your prospect perceives you and whether they can trust you.

First impressions are critical, especially in sales where there is a preconceived notion or idea of salespeople in general.

Do the things the PRO does.

NOT the things that 99% of typical salespeople do.


Hope you enjoyed this blog post and got a little something out of it.


Questions or comments are always welcomed and appreciated.


See ya on the next one.