Orvel Sternberg is a masterful salesman.  His innate ability to teach is a gift. The motivation I felt from my first sales training experience with Mr. Sternberg was equivalent to reading a book by Zig Ziglar with a lot more humor! With over 40 years of experience and research, he shares an abundance of knowledge.  Mr. Sternberg’s communication and negotiating techniques are excellent.  Most importantly, you will learn an “objection proof” closing skill that is backed up by psychology and absolutely outstanding!  I highly recommend any sales training course taught by Mr. Sternberg.

Karla Kay Hilton

Former Finance Director, BMW of North America Auto Dealerships

Retail Automotive Consulting & Business Development Training Company

  • 15 Years’ Experience Retail Automotive
  • 25 Years’ Experience Retail Automotive Consulting, product development and staff sales training.
  • Reinsurance Corporation Formation and Management
  • Business Development and Sales Training Programs with a primary focus on Client Finance Department Involvement

It is with great pleasure that I lend this personal and professional testimonial about the expertise, capabilities and overall effectiveness, of Orvel Sternberg’s unique approach to the industry.

I first met Orvel in early 1994 where we were both employed for an aftermarket company selling our wares to dealership all over the country. These products, mostly sold through New and pre-owned auto dealers finance departments, proved to be valuable profit center point of sale products, but also proved out to be very competitive in nature, having every company out there vying for the Dealers attention as the “Next best thing.

While I felt personally, that my extensive retail automotive background, had me uniquely suited to stave off the competition, this soon proved out to not be the case.

I struggled to be successful, it was under Orvel’s leadership and help, that I soon found out, that it is not the product that lands an account, which is easy enough, it is the person you are to the account moving forward that holds the account in place and allows you to prove your true value.

What immediate, to my viewpoint, set Orvel apart from the rest of us all, were very simply ideals and techniques that I employ to this day.

What he taught me openly or by example:

  • You have two ears and one mouth. When dealing with a prospect or current client, use them in that ratio. I have yet to meet anyone is this business that is a better listener, than Orvel. I cannot stress enough that this is his greatest asset and I have yet to match his ability.
  • Anyone can sell a product, servicing is the key to holding an account and making a difference.
  • Don’t be afraid of your shortcoming. There is credibility in being honest and taking the time to find an answer you may not have.
  • Be available to your clients 24/7.
  • Prove your value every day. Keep it business but make it personal.
  • Put the clients profits ahead of yours.
  • Sell yourself first, not the product. Prove it is YOU, that needs to be in the account, not the product that is always bound to change as the industry does.
David K. Gauthier

CEO , Gauthier & Associates Inc.

Meeting Orvel has changed everything, it’s been a life changer.

Before being hired by Orvel for outside sales of the exterior security shutters I was very successful selling electronics to a dealer network over the phone, doing inside sales.

Just want you to know the only reason I have this dream job is because Orvel believed in me, hired me, and took me under his wing. I’m forever grateful.

I have tripled my income and have become the #1 salesman for Enviroblinds year after year due to his coaching and training.

His coaching in closing a sale is key to my success. He made me be prepared, every day. Taught me that I needed to build a relationship of trust first thing. That I had to find the need and offer a solution.

Eric Browning

Sales, Enviroblind