Have you ever stopped and thought about WHY prospects buy from you?

Unless you’re selling a product from an APPLE Store, where people are lined up at all hours of the store being open, then you have to do certain things to make a sale for your Company.

I learned this fact early on: people buy from people they like and trust.

Make this fact a part of you.

Make it the most important concept to selling you will ever learn.

Selling can be fun or drudgery.

Selling can be easy or frustrating.

Selling can be lucrative or financially crippling.

People Buy From People They Like And Trust.

So, would you buy from somebody like you?

Do you genuinely want to meet your prospects wants and needs? Or do you JUST want to make the sale, even if it’s not the ideal product for your prospect? Make the sale to put money in your pocket, and you don’t care about your buyer? Is that you.

Do you genuinely like meeting new prospects and asking the right questions to determine IF you really have the product or service that will meet your prospect’s expectations? Or do you just want to talk about yourself, to make it all-about-you?

Do you tell the truth when asked about certain features? Or do you just look at your prospect as a quick-sale, to make your commission and never worry about seeing them again?

Would You Buy From You?  

Becoming a professional salesperson, a trained selling machine, is a rewarding and immensely lucrative profession. But you have to have the mindset that the whole selling process is about THEM, the prospect. Unfortunately, you don’t matter. What matters is that you know your product, have the ability to determine IF you can meet their needs, can deliver the product or service in a timely manner, and are available after the sale to ensure the complete satisfaction for your buyer.

Is that a description of YOU?

Folks, selling is hard. Because you have to follow strict processes and procedures. You have to know EVERYTHING about what you’re selling. You have to be available, after the sale, to make sure that the item your prospect bought is exactly what they thought they were buying.

But IF you can do these things described above enough times, then selling becomes very easy. You’re almost on autopilot, not having to over-think the process.

BUT, you have to be likable.

A bad attitude never sold anything. Even when you feel down or you’ve got worries and personal issues…..you’ve gotta just refocus yourself to the matter at hand, your prospect.


And people have to trust you.

You build trust by knowing your product, recommending exactly what will fill their needs, and helping them make it happen.

Remember, it’s NOT about You.

It’s about them. Your Prospect.

Would You Buy From You?

Only you can answer that.


See ya on the next blog post.