WHO wants to be SOLD something they don’t want or need?


NOT you.


Then why would you even try to do that as a salesman?

That would be either a rookie mistake or an intentional action by someone who is NOT treating their sales position as a Profession. Someone who is a short-term salesman that is in the process of moving away from selling.

There’s an old saying in sales: Tell, Don’t Sell.

Tell a story.

What does this mean?

It means “tell a story” about how your other customers have benefited from the purchase or implementation of your product or service.

Everyone is looking for SOCIAL PROOF that others are buying and benefiting from whatever you are selling.

I want to clarify something here.

I don’t consider “selling” to mean forcing, cramming, tricking, jamming a product or service down the throat of your prospect.

I’m generically using the term “selling” to be the act of interacting with a potential prospect/buyer to discover or ASK what they really want, need, or desire and making that purchase possible IF I have exactly what meets their needs or wants.

I personally like the term ‘facilitator’ or ‘consultant’ when it comes to working with my prospect to help them purchase what they want or need.

But I find those terms pretentious and fuzzy, so I tend to avoid them. I’ll just stick with the term ‘selling’.

I’m proud to tell people I’m a salesman, as I KNOW that I’ve always worked FOR my prospect or buyer, to ensure they got exactly what they wanted or needed.

And in return, I always got lots of repeat business and referrals.

Let me ask you, what is the easiest sale to make?  It’s your current or past customer because they are totally satisfied with you and your ability to respond to their wants or needs. And you were there after the sale had something go awry. Trust factor.

I know I’ve gotten off-subject, but I felt a need to clarify some terms and actions concerning selling.

Moving on, no one wants to be ‘sold’ or lectured to, as in a canned presentation. It’s just not a natural way to have a conversation. And that is what selling is about…..having a conversation to ask and discover IF you have the ideal product or service that will meet and satisfy your prospects want and/or needs.

Whenever I purchase something, I’m interested in HOW it will benefit ME. HOW it will solve my needs or wants. HOW it will make sense to spend my hard-earned money with a particular salesperson or company.

When I’m the prospect….it’s all about ME.

When I’m selling….it’s ALL about the prospect or buyer.

Whether I’m a buyer or the seller, I LOVE to hear a story, that relates to the product or service, about HOW it benefited, solved, cured, matched, or satisfied the wants or needs required.

I want to hear real-world examples.

Actual stories about the results and benefits derived from the purchase.

To be assured that I’m making a good decision.

That others are jumping on the bandwagon with that product or service. And they are pleased, excited, and comfortable working with that company.

I’m no different from you or others looking to solve a problem or issue.

Honesty and trust are the pinnacle of selling.

Why wouldn’t you want to make a ‘customer for life”?  It’s just as easy or easier than going the other direction.

If you’re a seasoned or experienced salesperson you know how your product or service has helped and benefited others in that exact same circumstance.

Tell that story.

Tell the truth.

DO what the Professional Salesperson does.


Well, I hope you’ve picked up something here that will make your job a little easier.

See ya in the next post.