If you’ve been selling for any length of time here is a fairly common scenario:

Mr./Mrs. Buyer, how will you be paying for this product or service?

There are only TWO ways this is going to go ……..

  • You’ve done an excellent job of overcoming any and all objections and the product and/or service is PERFECT for them. Your buyer says, “ I’ll just put it on a credit card”.
  • OR, again, you’ve done your job perfectly and the buyer says, “ uh, gosh I’m not real sure. Let me think about it and get back to you.”

I guess the point I’m trying to make her is WHY wait until the END to discuss how to pay for the goods or services?

IF you’re selling a product or service whose price is well known or you have a good general idea of the cost, then maybe the final cost isn’t such a big deal.

However, IF you have a product or service that is of a custom nature, that there are lots of details and items that dictate the final cost figure, and the final figure might just jump-out or scare your buyer, then you might want to consider addressing HOW to pay for their purchase BEFORE ‘closing time’.

Let me give you an example. During your presentation make it a point to say something like, “ My company sure makes it easy for customers to buy our products or services. We only require the smallest of deposits to get your order started, and because there’s a lead time of 5 to 6 weeks that gives you time to gather your money to make a final payment. PLUS, we’ve got the BEST in-house/Bank financing available and the approval process is quick and painless. Or of course, we do take cash or credit cards, should you want to handle it that way.”

What this does, by bringing it up early, takes the pressure off the upcoming closing sequence.


Because in sales, when you boil the process down to it’s smallest elements, there are really only two major variables to making this or any sale.

  • The first and most important variable in ANY sale is: does your prospect truly feel that the product and/or service your are presenting will 100% solve, meet, cure, scratch, fulfill their wants and needs. Are they convinced you got what they need?
  • Can they afford it? Does it fit their budget or expectations of cost?

That’s it!

IF what you are trying to sell your prospect doesn’t meet their expectations then they are NOT gonna be purchasing what you are pitching.

AND, IF you can’t help them find a way, or make it easy to pay or purchase, then you’re not gonna make a sale.

What I’m trying to say is, MAKE SURE that you have what your prospect wants. If you do, then your prospect makes closing the sale easy. And if you don’t, that’s a battle you’re not likely to win.

Make a portion of your presentation, NOT just at closing, a story about how easy it is to do business with your company, that you have ‘easy financing’, 90 days same-as-cash options, your company takes ALL credit cards and cash. We only ask a very small deposit to get started and the balance whenever the job is completed TO YOUR SATISFACTION. And certain trade-ins that the owner of the business might be interested in. And say the last part as a joke.

The more expensive the product or service you are selling raises the nervous factor upward, worry that they can’t or won’t be able to pay for it. Your buyer will get “stuck” on this money issue and won’t fully be concentrating on what’s the most important issue or variable, and that ’s: IS THIS THE PERFECT PRODUCT OR SERVICE FOR ME TODAY?

Put your buyer at ease early on.

IF you DO have the PERFECT product and/or service to meet their needs, AND you’ve already brought up numerous ways for them to actually make it happen…..then closing becomes very easy.

“How do you want to handle the small deposit?”

It’s not a shock or time to scramble and think. The thinking part has already been done and addressed.


Go practice this, you will be quite surprised how effective it is.


See ya on the next blog post.