Are you selling a product or service you really don’t believe in?

Is selling not something you want to be doing as a career?

Do you not know everything about your product or service?

Well, if you don’t believe in your product, hate your career choice, and don’t know everything about your product or service…….then you are cheating your prospect.

The above examples are how you cheat your prospect.

And I’ll also throw in here, you’re cheating yourself also.

Selling is a career choice that can earn you a very good standard of living, along with accolades and freedom from working long tedious hours.

But to earn the “big bucks” you’ve got to learn, study, practice, and commit yourself before the success happens.

I’ve worked with and around thousands of salespeople, and the traits that separate the superstars from the plodders are as follows:

  • Great Attitude.
  • Genuine desire to assist their prospect/buyer.
  • Willingness to learn EVERYTHING about their product.
  • Can follow directions and a plan.

These are not difficult traits, but they are the most important in my opinion.

I’ve even worked with ‘green peas’ new to selling that were initially shy. But their great attitude made up for their initial shyness.

I’m sure you’ve seen the shy person who suddenly blossoms when given a chance to succeed or tackles a project and finds they are good at it or starts receiving praise and awards from their peer group after never experiencing it.

That’s why I said I look for a great attitude because that is a difficult trait to teach or learn. I personally believe attitude comes from within, that you’re either a positive or a negative person. Give me a positive person with a great attitude every time.

So back to my original idea of this post, HOW TO CHEAT YOUR PROSPECT.

You cheat your prospect or return buyer by NOT making the buying experience overwhelmingly positive for them.

You made sure that what they purchased was exactly what they were expecting to fulfill their needs, wants, and desires.

You didn’t cram some useless product or service on them to fatten your commission.

You made sure they understood the features and more importantly the benefits of their purchase.

You were there after the sale to handle any hiccups or receive the praise from them for a job well done.

In other words, you were the professional salesperson that your customer trusts and will remember whenever they need additional servicing or purchases, and you will be welcomed back for additional offers you think would also be of interest to them.

Why would you ever consider cheating your prospect?

IF you’re the career-seeking professional salesperson, you wouldn’t dare.

Hope you enjoyed this post and got a little something out of it.

Questions or comments are always welcomed and appreciated.

See ya on the next one.